-Jesse Ray Sheps

Jesse Ray Sheps, Founder and CEO

Jesse is considered by some to be a veteran of the film festival industry having attended numerous large international, national and local festivals. Jesse has participated, lectured at, and has proudly won several film festival awards for his work as an actor, as well as for his own film that he wrote and directed.

Having a passion for independent film, Jesse has served as a member of an advisory board for the Cinema Arts Centre, an independent film house. Jesse has sought to share his passion for “independent film” with the younger generation by creating his own “independent film house movie review” club which serves to expose teens to films that Jesse personally selects and leads a discussion about. He has also published his own movie review articles, as well as his own entertainment review feature that was recently published in a Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper.

With his unwavering passion for filmmaking, Jesse sought to create the Fire Island Film Festival as a not for profit organization to create opportunities for filmmakers and actors to come together to share their story and to recognize their accomplishments.

As the Fire Island Film Festival grows as a platform for young filmmakers of all diverse background to come together to share their passion for film, Jesse will ensure that it always remembers to give back to its members and to the community at large

Jesses favorite saying “Eat. Sleep. Make Movies. Repeat.” is the constant force that drives the Fire Island Film Festival.